Recent Sketches

Yes, I am still here, still sketching, but progressing slowly. I guess the main thing is to keep going, no matter what speed you can muster. Right?

The first sketches illustrate the verses of Psalm 23. I wanted to make stickers for my granddaughter, who is just learning to read and write, to help her learn this comforting chapter. The sketches have an outdoorsy feel and each includes some little birds. They should give a fun visual to help her as she learns.

The puppy sketch is for a friend, who adopted a puppy last spring. She wanted to feature the new member of their family on her Christmas cards. And there is a sketch of the electric pole where the resident ravens like to sit. They keep watch over the orchards in our area and it is fun to hear them call to each other.

I hope you are finding ways to stay creative. And Merry Christmas!

9 thoughts on “Recent Sketches

  1. I have missed your beautiful drawings and so I was delighted to find them early on a grey morning. These are delightful – what a talent you have! Your granddaughter will thoroughly enjoy her stickers and as for Yatze – you have captured the dog so well. I love the details you include on your pages and in all of the illustrations.


  2. Hi Faye! Beautiful work, as always! I LOVE that dog….he is just perfect!! And how creatively you’ve illustrated the 23rd Psalm…… lovely. So glad I decided to sit down here before bed and take another look around WordPress. 🙂


  3. I love your Psalm illustrations…what a precious gift! Your granddaughter is blessed indeed ! The dog is wonderful too…really love your work Fay


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