Finishing February 2021

Here are a few little memories from this past month. I have been trying to look for little things that give individuality to each day. When the weather is cold, life happens mostly indoors, so not so much nature to sketch. Maybe in March I will be able to get outside to sketch a little more.

One thing I have been doing since I left social media behind is to do more reading. Some old favorites that I am re-reading right nowinclude Gladys Taber’s homey book, Stillmeadow Calendar, which dedicates one section to each month of the year.

I hope you have found ways to stay inspired this winter. Spring is just around the corner!

11 thoughts on “Finishing February 2021

  1. Today I am finding, even at this very early morning hour, that I already need the Lord to help me find something positive and uplifting……and the next thing I know….there you are! So tickled to “see you” here today and your always-inspiring work. Beautifully done, as always.


  2. Oh! Isn’t that the truth. I find I have to turn my thoughts Godward very first thing to keep the day from bowling me over. 😋 The encouraging words I read this morning are found in Deuteronomy 33:25-27 NKJV. 🙏🏼 Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by.

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  3. Yes! The “fear of missing out” on something important kept me hanging on for quite a while. But there came a point when it just wasn’t worth staying. I am beginning to “heal” and learn how to live life in real time again. Learning to find blessings in my own life to be thankful for. Thank you for visiting. Glad you enjoyed the sketches.


  4. Fay, I missed your joyful and nature-rich work. I don’t do FB and am passive on 🐦 and IG….. I am not missing a thing! Tks for rejoining us in our quest to find and celebrate spring!


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