Best Friends Forever!

This time I have been working on a project that is a little different than usual. I decided to make sketches of some of my grandkids’ best friends – their stuffed dolls. And I even included a couple of dolls that have been in the family a lot longer. My own teddy, which I have had since I was a baby, is featured in the top image. And there is a very special little soft dog that functioned as a comfort pillow for my dad to hug to his chest whenever he needed to cough, after his open heart surgery.

My son’s Cabbage Patch doll is included, also. Each stuffed doll has been well loved. Bunny may be the most loved, and worn, of them all. He has been the constant companion of my granddaughter for almost 6 years. I have sketched some of his adventures before, including emergency surgery and getting lost in the toy box, then found and shipped back home.

I decided to make some stickers out of the doll sketches as a new way for the grandkids to enjoy their friends. I am looking forward to having some sticker fun with them soon.

17 thoughts on “Best Friends Forever!

  1. OH FAY…..these are adorable!!!! I just sit and marvel at your outstanding inking and shading. I’m sure your grandkids are tickled pink. What beautiful memories to give them…..of their dear little friends but even more so of their grandma as the wonderful Artist that she is!!

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  2. Oh Teresa! You are so kind. Thank you for your encouraging words. I do love sharing creativity with the grandkids in fun ways. I hope it will spark a love for creativity in them that will give them joy in years ahead.

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  3. What a cute, cute, cute idea! And what a grandma!! So thoughtful and so skilled… I had a big smile on my face while watching all the well-loved dolls… thank you! 🙂


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