Elderberry Tea

Thank you for joining me here in my quiet little corner of the web. Since I closed my Facebook account I have felt more peace closing in around me. It feels like I have shut the door between me and a huge stadium crammed full of people all yelling at the top of their lungs, each one trying to be heard above the din. That is just not a healthy environment for this introvert. Here I can communicate with my internet friends without the noise. So thank you to all who stop by for a chat.

Our little peach trees produced well this year, which was nice after a sparse year in 2019. I ended up giving a lot of the peaches away and saved a box to dry in my new Excalibur dehydrator. Also, my curiosity to learn new edible plants led me to discover that peach tree leaves are good for you! I had no idea! They are claimed to have a mild sedative effect. So I collected some of those to try, as well.

I am making elderberry tea for the first time. Elderberries are good for the immune system. In the past I have made juice from the berries and frozen it in cubes, which I add to smoothies or melt in water. But since I am drying foods this year, I dried the elderberries. There were about 14 lbs of fresh berries, after cleaning and removing the stems. When dry their weight had reduced to 2.5 lbs. Now I can understand the hefty price I see on dried elderberries. To the elderberry tea I am also adding a few other immune boosting fruits and herbs, such as orange peel, lemon peel, rose hips, astragalus root and licorice root. I will also be adding echinacea when it arrives. Echinacea is another well known immune boosting herb.

This is a very colorful combination! I have been floating the herbs and berries in the top of a pot of boiling water, and turning the heat down to simmer for 10 minutes. Then I pour the tea through a strainer into a jar. The tea is a lovely rosy color.

Now I have a new tea steeping thermos with it’s own removable infuser. Just place the tea herbs loosley in the infuser, fill the thermos with boiled water and lower the infuser into the top. There is a small lip around the inside of the opening that holds the infuser in place. Close the lid and let the herbs steep for ten minutes, then remove the infuser. With the lid closed, the tea will stay hot for 10 hours. I am sipping elderberry tea as I type this post. A batch I steeped early this morning and it is still hot. I probably won’t need to use a jar from now on. Having hot tea through the day will be pretty nice this winter. The thermos claims to keep things cold for 20 hours! So iced tea could be in my future when the weather warms up next Spring.

Have a peaceful day everyone. Take care of yourselves and maybe drink tea!

18 thoughts on “Elderberry Tea

  1. Love this post! I used to pull up the echinacea roots from my garden and make a tincture. I will have to do it again. I totally understand about Facebook. It is toxic. I only go to the art groups I’m in; never the news feed or whatever they call it.


  2. Wonderful pages Fay. I didn’t know about peach leaves either. I am taking a class on art journaling by Jane LaFazio and am so excited to do more sketching, painting and journaling. Its fun to see your journal pages!


  3. Good for you on doing the groups! That is what I mainly focused on, too. But it is hard to insulate completely from everything else going on. I’m much happier out here in the quiet! 😁 Thank you for visiting!


  4. Thank you Susan. This is my website at the moment. 😁 I do sell printed note cards of some of my art locally. And I have recently begun making stickers. If that is something that interests you, let me know and we can talk. Thank you for enjoying my journal.


  5. This is a lovely way to record all of your tea recipes.
    Happy to see you’re finding a little calm without the book of faces. I’ve taken to only using it to say happy birthday to friends and family then leaving quickly. I can’t deal with all the politics and drama llamas. .


  6. Hello Sunnyfae. What a good name! Book of faces! 🙂 And drama is something I have maxed out on! I don’t need to go looking for more! It is much more enjoyable to forage and find ways to use the treasures I find! Thank you for visiting and happy sketching!

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  7. Delightful! My mouth waters at the prospect of trying out your tea. Thank you too for enlarging your illustration so that we can fully benefit from your fine art. This has been a beautifully peaceful start to my morning.

    Liked by 1 person

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