Garden Gate

There is an interesting little yard that I pass when I go for walks. The yard is filled with whimsical decorations. And in the back of the yard, set in a wall, is the cutest little garden gate. It is very nostalgic.

To draw this sketch I used a Lamy with a Medium nib, which I thought was filled with Noodler’s El Lawerence permanent ink. But when I began adding watercolor washes, I realized the ink was Noodler’s Burma Road Brown, which is not water resistant. I soon had a mushy sketch with a greenish tinge. I thought about abandoning the sketch and starting something new, but decided to keep going and see what happened. I hate it when people apologize for their sketches, so I won’t. 🙂 I have recorded a memory of a fun spot along my walking route. After letting the watercolor dry I added ink again, using the new Medium nib replacement in my TWSBI mini, filled with Sketch Ink, Lotte, something else new to experiment with.

10 thoughts on “Garden Gate

  1. That is amazing. I walk by an equally nostalgic gate, shouting to tell stories on the trail around a lake in my neck of the woods. I have taken countless photos of it, in all seasons, through the years. How I wish you (or I) could paint that or me :). Thank you for another lovely painting for us to enjoy.


  2. Fay, I so love your infrequent road stops to let us participate in your shared stories. I particularly love that lush, gorgeous tree 🌳 and how you worked your ‘spoilt’ beginnings to this wonderful result. Happy Summer days yet to enjoy! ❤️


  3. So lovely Fay…..thank you for sharing. I discovered that Sketch ink too awhile back…….a beautiful “dusty” green called Emma….love it. Have a wonderful day!


  4. Oh. Thank you Sunnyfae. I am trying to keep my focus on documenting memories visually, more than worrying about how the sketches turn out. I’m working on it. I must say I have learned some new things by allowing myself to experiment. Glad you could stop by for a visit. Happy sketching!

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