Admiralty Head Lighthouse and Rosario Beach

The first weekend in June I enjoyed a weekend with family and friends at Rosario Beach, and afterwards, a drive across Whidbey Island and a ride on the Mukilteo Ferry. I did not have time to sketch as I went, so took photos and just finished the sketches today.


Besides beach rocks, I collected a buttercup that was growing beside the the path and some leaves that had fallen from a madrone tree. I have good memories of madrone trees from my childhood and have always loved their smooth, brownish orange bark. I glued the collected samples into my sketch journal and drew around them.



From the porch of the cabin where we stayed there was a strangly formed tree. And we found plenty of crabs and other sea “people” in the tide pools.


I always love visiting Admiralty Head Lighthouse. It was fun exploring the light tower with the grandkids.



18 thoughts on “Admiralty Head Lighthouse and Rosario Beach

  1. I’m in love with this series of images from Whidbey Island – truly a peaceful and special place. I like the unique angle that you’ve chosen to sketch the lighthouse. I just never thought of that! 😉


  2. Fay, with your delicate paintings and your beautiful words you could make any place a paradise look-alike! All of it is simply wonderful. Thank you.
    And those berries look interesting!


  3. As always, I LOVE your work…..your style and eye for detail just really grab my eye as I’m flipping through the WordPress Reader! Plus, what a beautiful and creative way to preserve precious memories for those coming up behind you. 🙂


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