Tired Hollyhocks

There is a clump of old fashioned hollyhocks growing outside my bedroom window. This time of year they look a bit shaggy. The heat we have been having has made them look even more tired than usual. Several stocks have fallen over, so I lifted them up and draped them over the lilac bush that grows next to them. The stock that hangs in front of the window began to grow upward from the drooping tip and even produced more blossoms. It was fun to watch the hummingbirds feed at the new blossoms.

7 thoughts on “Tired Hollyhocks

  1. Oh Fay……this is so very pretty!!! I love hollyhocks and I love pink and you did such a beautiful job. A friend sent me some seeds for BLACK hollyhocks….I haven’t planted them yet but I was amazed to even know that there are black ones out there! I too love to watch those sweet little ‘hummers’. When I watch them and look at all the pretty flowers, I sit back at marvel at God’s unmatchable artistry and creativity. Thank you for sharing this……I was tickled ‘pink’ to see it in my Reader feed today! Have a wonderful day 🙂


  2. Ah! Thank you Teresa. Yes, we have an infinitely creative God. And all His creations are beautiful and calming. Drawing is my way of stopping and enjoying them. Thank you for for enjoying them with me. Have a wonderful day!

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