Peaches and Nice Cream

All of our little fruit trees have outdone themselves this year with producing. Last year there was no fruit on the trees. This year there is more fruit than we can use! So I have been freezing Early Redhaven peaches as quickly as I can and was thankful to be able to give some away to friends. I also harvested one apricot tree and am putting those in the freezer. This will fill the available space in the freezer. There are apricots on one more tree, still getting ripe, and there is a later Redhaven peach tree, still getting ripe. I can see I will need to scout for more friends who can use fruit. When you live in the midst of orchards, giving away access fruit is similar to trying to give away zucchini – everyone already has an abundance. Such a yummy problem to have.

If you have never tried one of the many nice cream recipes available on the internet, you really should try one. This recipe for raspberry nice cream contains zero sugar – just whole, frozen fruit and a teaspoon of vanilla and a pinch of salt. I can’t believe how creamy and sweet and good it is! The riper the bananas, the sweeter the nice cream. Tip: slicing the bananas before freezing rather than leaving them whole or in chunks makes blending in the food processor easier. Tip #2: I thought it was kind of strange to add the pinch of salt, but it helps cut the banana flavor and allows the flavor of the raspberries to come through.

6 thoughts on “Peaches and Nice Cream

  1. Oh what a feast for the eyes your beautiful spread is this morning!! I love all the colors you’ve used. I just tried a very similar “nice cream” recipe last weekend and was all excited about it…..bananas, strawberries, pineapple and some coconut milk. Put it all in the food processor after each was frozen and it turned out great……..except that it turned to concrete in the freezer and is completely unable to be eaten unless I let the whole container sit out for who knows how long….lol. Your’s sounds yummy too!


  2. Haha! Oh boy! Sweet concrete. I discovered that the more other ingredients I mix in with the bananas, the more solid it freezes. It doesn’t take much to add flavor. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your visits.

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