Coyote Sighting

There have been coyotes yipping in the orchard behind the house in the evenings. But they have stayed out of sight, until the other day. I was washing dishes from breakfast and looked up in time to see a lone coyote going past the house at a leisurely pace. It was amazing to see a coyote so close, which hasn’t happened to me more than a couple of times. Then I thought of the cat. She usually sits on the back steps, so I went out to check. Sure enough, there she was in her favorite spot, and she hadn’t noticed the coyote yet. So I stayed with her and continued to watch. The coyote glanced over at us and picked up his pace just a little as he headed on up the hill and away from the house. Our cat is pretty territorial and will chase off large dogs, so I hope she doesn’t meet the coyote in the future and try to chase it away.

This sweet potato has been sitting next to the kitchen sink for a few weeks, growing little leaves. I would love to plant it outside, but it is still too cold. I wonder if it will still want to grow by the time it is safe to plant it.

I inherited my mom’s pinking shears years ago. I have not had a reason to use them until recently. And when I attempted to cut fabric with them, they were very hard to open and close and the blades didn’t cut the fabric well. Wanting to avoid taking them to a professional scissor sharpener, I watched videos on how to sharpen scissors at home and saw suggestions such as cutting through aluminum foil. That sounded pretty risky to me. I did try the suggestion to cut through wax paper to lube the blades and that helped them work a little smoother. But they were still hard to open and close. So I decided to put a drop of oil in the screw hinge. I worked the blades open and closed for a while and started to feel a difference. After another drop of oil and more working of the blades, the scissors work great and have been cutting through fabric with ease. Thanks mom.

The audio book I have been listening to this week while sketching is Philip Gulley’s, Just Shy of Harmony, a story of a small midwestern town filled with quirky and eccentric residents with an extra helping of kindly spirit.

I hope you are finding ways to stay creative.

10 thoughts on “Coyote Sighting

  1. I associate pinking shears with my mother – now you make me wonder who has them now that she is gone and if they are ever used. Thank you for that happy memory jog. I hope your sweet-potato will be happy to wait for a little bit longer to be planted and then deliver you some culinary joy in time.


  2. A coyote?! Goodness me…. that’s not something I’d like to have in my backyard. My one and only ‘meeting’ with a bunch of coyotes happened many years ago when visiting the US in a VW Camper van. It must have been around one of the grand National Parks, we heard them howling through the night and in daytime (I don’t remember when) we saw them feasting on a cadaver of a deer. They had their heads buried in the belly of the deer, they were ripping off bloodied chunks off the carcasse, their faces smeared in blood – not a pretty sight. And one to show us how nature works. So you understand that I was worried to read about your cat 😉
    I have many scissors, the best for fabrics were always the ones from Finland, Fiscars – but I have still fab ones with a rounded side to go easily under the fabric and a super sharp one to do the actual cutting. I have kitchen, garden, household, DIY-work scissors and shears, and I also have one with serregated knife like your mom’s. It’s nice to have the ‘right’ tool for every bit of work or creativity we do, isn’t it?
    Stay safe and well. It has been long since our last ‘meeting’.


  3. As always, your artwork is great Fay…..I especially love that coyote. You’ve given me some ideas that I might try on my own set of pinking shears…..they too are rather difficult to get to work well. I was taught years ago to NEVER use fabric shears on paper…….but, I must confess, I enjoy using pinking shears on paper much more than I ever have a need for them for fabric! I love using them for handmade cards and such, but I always feel a bit like a “rebel” when I do….lol..

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  4. Yes. I agree that coyotes can be via opus. I have seen them eating deer carcasses, also. It is not a pretty site. Where we live coyotes are around constantly. We lock the cat inside the garage at night to preserve her. But normally during the day they stay away from the house. So when I saw one that close in broad daylight, my first thought was to see where the cat was. 😬

    I did not realize that Fiscars was made in Finland. I do like having tools that work well. I am enjoying using these refurbished pinking shears.

    I have missed our little chats. Thank you for visiting.

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  5. Ha! Yes, paper is a no no. I guess the paper fibers dull the blade faster, which was why I couldn’t see the logic of cutting through aluminum foil to sharpen them. It didn’t make sense to me. But if you don’t plan to use the shears for fabric, why not dedicate them to paper crafting? I can imagine some cute cards with zigzag decorations. Enjoy! And thanks for visiting.

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  6. Did I miss some of your postings? Can’t go and have a look now but if you say so, I must assume that you took flight under my radar (which certainly isn’t what it could and should be).


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