Tulip Shoots

It has been warming up enough to do some outdoor activities. The other day I raked a few leaves along the front of the house that were left over from last Fall, and some that blew into the yard from the orchard. When the leaves around the flower pot by the door were cleared away, I was happy to see some tulip shoots greeting me. Spring really is coming!

Also, I have been growing a “mystery plant” for many months, which first sprouted in a pot near the kitchen sink. It has taken a long time to mature enough to blossom and form fruit. My curiosity has been satisfied. I now know that it is a green bell pepper plant. Since it has started forming a fruit, it is soaking up water like crazy and I need to water it often and feed it some fertilizer or it droops.

We had a lovely tea with friends and afterwards sketched the tea cups they had inherited from family. I need more sketching with friends.

The maple near the house is decorated with buds. Next will come tiny leaves. For now the tree hosts the many birds who have been coming to the feeder. Blueberries in the breakfast cereal I was eating while sketching made splatters on my page. So I added more with paint. Go with the flow.

For company while sketching recently I have been listening to the audio version of James Herriot’s book, All Things Bright and Beautiful, read by Nicholas Ralph, who played James Herriot in the recent series All Creatures Great and Small, on Masterpiece. I enjoyed the series very much. And Nicholas Ralph captured the same feeling of the series in his reading of the audiobook. I find that listening to an audiobook or soothing music while sketching helps to drown out the inner critic.

Remember to stay creative, and think Spring!

12 thoughts on “Tulip Shoots

  1. What a happy page to see first thing in the morning! I enjoy the things you have chosen for this page – including the tea cup, for that signifies friendship, company, catching up, and relaxation 🙂


  2. Goodness, that’s an amazing set of sketches. And it’s pretty impressive to grow a mystery plant properly all the way to bearing fruit! Was it a tasty bell pepper?
    Which plant do you have the most fun drawing?


  3. Thanks Scott. I haven’t sacrificed the bell pepper yet. 🙂 It isn’t very big yet. I may have to pick it pretty soon though. I don’t think the pot is large enough to get it to full size. I like drawing anything “planty.” I love the feel of drawing organic shapes. It would be hard to choose. Thank you for visiting.


  4. Oh this is very inspiring Fay! The thought of spring coming is just wonderful! The mental picture that your art and words conjured up in my mind this morning is very pleasant and peaceful. Beautiful work as always. 🙂


  5. Just reminding you that I love your beautiful work!! And if you decide to make a collection in a book, I would love to buy one from you! : )


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