Gone Foraging

During the past three months life has taken some new twists and turns for me. Rather than working in my sketch journal, I have been exploring some new interests. One of them is dehydrating, which I will talk more about in upcoming posts. The pursuit that I find most interesting is foraging. I have been researching wild edibles and herbs and learning to recognize them in the field. This has opened up a whole new world of awareness for me when I am enjoying nature. I now see possibilities hiding in every plant and have been able to collect some samples to dry and store for teas this winter. In upcoming posts I will journal about the plants and herbs I have collected, and what I am doing with them.

Here you can see I journal about Rose Hips and Parsley, and the beginning of Bartlett harvest. The Herb Book, by John Lust, says that Rose is a long favored medicinal plant, used for a variety of conditions from headaches and dizziness to tooth ache. Other sources say the rose hips are very high in vitamin C. I plan to add rose hips to an immune boosting tea blend. Parsley has been used to treat conjunctivitis, and is an antispasmodic and helps calm coughs.

Along with pursuing new directions, I have decided that Facebook is no longer serving my purposes, so I have decided to close my account down. That will include my art page there, so if you have been visiting my blog through the Facebook link and would like to continue to see my journal work, please consider liking my blog here.

23 thoughts on “Gone Foraging

  1. I wonderedd what happend with you Fay, and I’m happy that it was a good path you were following while being away. I wish you nothing but happiness on your new pursuits and look forward to reading and viewing your next work and thoughts. Good on you to pull out of fb, I was amongst the first ones to join when it started (via an online friend in CA) and within 3 weeks I knew it wasn’t what I wanted or needed and I closed my account down forever.


  2. You’re creating your beautiful pages again! Glad to see that! During the Lockdown I also did quite a bit of dehydrating but I’m not as adventurous as you for fear of getting poisoned. Ha! The one thing we’ve enjoyed most is garlic powder..lots and lots of garlic dried and pulverised.


  3. Yay….you’re back!!! I jumped for joy when I saw your “Made By Fay” pop up in my WordPress “Reader” feed!!! I’ve been worried that maybe that nasty ‘Rona’ got you. Looking forward to your upcoming posts about all your new discoveries! 🙂

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  4. How interesting, Fay! Glad to hear from you again! 🙂 By the way, I have a lot of wild roses in my garden, I just love them, and the rose hips are turning red now… And I eat rose hip every day in my muesli for my joints – and it helps, along with a mixture of cumin, nutmeg and coriander… All the best to you, Carola 🙂


  5. Ah, Kiki! Thank you for visiting. Yes, sorry about the long absence. I was just overwhelmed and burned out from everything going on and stayed away from the internet as much as possible. Now, after being away from FB I find that I am not missing much. You get sucked in thinking that it will keep you connected to family and friends, and end up being bombarded with a lot of useless drama and noise. Life is much more manageable and enjoyable without it! 🙂 I am enjoying my new pursuits and feel more able to get back into journaling again. Thanks for visiting!

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  6. Thank you Flora. Wow! You are brave to dehydrate garlic! I was thinking about doing onions, but someone said it would stink up the house! How did it go with the garlic? Did you notice the aroma in the house? And did it linger? I would love to have homemade onion powder. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Hi there Carola! What a nice way to enjoy rose hips! So the ones you eat are fresh rather than dried? Cumin, nutmeg and coriander… I will have to research those. I take turmeric, boswellia and omega 3. Take care! and thanks for visiting!

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  8. We also did onions and don’t smell it anymore but maybe we’ve become used to it. Ha! Oh wait …our daughter came home after a long absence and she didn’t complain about any weird smell. Lol. Maybe you could do it outdoors or in the garage just in case…


  9. Beautiful journal pages Fay, it’s very interesting to see you make your own teas.
    we pick wild rose hips from the hedgerows in the autumn and make rose hip syrup. Sometimes we put in a few blackcurrant or raspberry leaves too for added flavour.

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  10. Dear Fay, no, I eat them pulverised… 😉 I have not tried them fresh – maybe they would even hurt in the mouth… I remember my Mom saying that as kids they used them to put them into the back people´s pullovers to make them feel all itchy… Have a nice day! 🙂


  11. Raspberry & black current leaves have a mild fruity flavour. Not too strong on their own but they’re great for blending with other ingredients. I haven’t tried drying them we just pick them from the bush in the garden as we want them in the summer.
    We read the ingredients on commercial teas and try to make them ourselves. x


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