Lazuli Bunting

There are a few Lazuli Buntings that feed just above the tree line of the orchard, in the brushy space between the orchard and the pine trees that grow on the hillside. On a walk the other day we were lucky enough to see one of these beautiful birds light on the top of one of the wild rose bushes. He posed there long enough for me to get a picture from which to do this sketch. They are very busy birds and it wasn’t long before he was flying off again.

10 thoughts on “Lazuli Bunting

  1. ha ha, I thought Where Is The Bunting….. took me a mo to realise that it was a ‘faux ami’ in this case! Beautiful, both, the nature scenes (roses, beetle) and the Bunting!


  2. Thank you Sunnyfae! I appreciate your visits and comments. This is a very colorful little bird and I feel lucky to have gotten a picture of it. And, yes, what could have been more perfect than for him to pose on the rose bush? 🙂

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  3. Thank you Flora. How kind of you to ask. I have been doing some regrouping and exploring some new ideas. I do plan to be back with another post before too long. Thanks again for stopping by and checking.

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