More Birds of the Pacific Northwest

This week’s sketch. Nuthatches are some of my favorites. I have seen a few working up and down the trunk of the tree next to our house, but not often. And we see the Black Capped Chickadee rather than the Chestnut Backed variety here. But any kind of Chickadee is a bundle of cuteness and energy.

14 thoughts on “More Birds of the Pacific Northwest

  1. These birds are darling. We have nuthatches, which are amusing to watch climbing up and down the trees. It’s a wonder they don’t get a headache with their necks so contorted! We have black capped chickadees and they love eating our thistle seeds! Great renderings of both, Fay!


  2. I think what I am seeing at my central Florida bird bath are Carolina wrens. With the upturned tails and lots of flitting about. They won’t sit still long enough for me to sketch. So I google them and pick the photo that looks the closest. What do you do?


  3. Oh yes. Birds move way too fast for me! I have to research lots of photos to be able to sketch them. 🙂 I do use my binoculars to watch them, but can’t do a finished sketch that way.


  4. Dear Fay I love birds too – your pictures are wonderful. What I especially love is that not only is the composition in your paintings beautiful, but so is the composition in the photograph of your paintings! Great job! Painting/drawing are not my skill set at all, so I can only admire that done by others. Thank you.


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