March Littles So Far

Just time to squeeze in one more post before surgery. It feels good to be making progress with the March Littles, and I am so grateful for the little bit of sunshine and warmer temperatures we have had this month, which is beginning to melt the snow. There is the sound of water trickling through the downspouts off the roof. Maybe Winter is finally loosing it’s grip! I will start seeing new shoots of bulbs soon.


6 thoughts on “March Littles So Far

  1. Thinking of you and your surgery Fay. I know all will go smoothly but it’s good to know prayers are floating around and about you. Hope you will be posting again quickly as we all love your work!! Such an inspiration and all us “smallie” and “littles” sketchers can’t be without you!

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  2. I DID take note of your remark about further surgery Fay and I DID send loving thoughts to you….. AND I DO love your littles so much. I see them like a painter‘s Sunday Book, a ‚photo album‘ of a higher order, a ‚place‘ to return to whenever and when needed, looking for an upliftment
    I hope your intervention went well and that you are healing. Thin king of you!


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