January Littles Progress and Inky Narnian Trees

January is half over and I have one page in my journal filled with Littles to remind me of something from each day. How about you Have you begun a Littles page in your journal? I would love to hear if you have.

The Littles on this spread seem to have a lot of gray and brown. It has been overcast a lot this month.

One bright yellow cup of tea, an African Violet blossom and some lovely colors in my teeny tiniest palette, save the page from being almost monotone. Winter brings more muted colors.

More monotone is happening with some sketches with water-soluble ink. I was gifted a couple of Kaweco fountain pens with ink cartridges, and have been exploring a whole new way of sketching. It is so fun to come back in to my sketch with a water brush and bring the lines to life with a wash.


15 thoughts on “January Littles Progress and Inky Narnian Trees

  1. Your talents are endless – those diaries are to die for – well I wouldn’t but you get my drift! I so love them, the squares depicting your daily happenings, and always such cute, bright or muted colours, some indication of WHAT was on on which day…. just wonderful!

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  2. Dear Fay, it´s funny that you´re asking about the littles today – the day I at least bought, as you once recommended, a Lamy fountain pen and Noodler´s ink and a converter – I´m so excited for all the things to arrive and to be able to start! In the meantime, I try writing at least one little sentence per day, but I don´t always succeed — 😉
    I love that you included a four-slot toaster… you have a fine sense of humour… and I also like the wonderful picture about the daylight! 🙂 Thank you!


  3. Good to have you here again Carola! Haha! I love my toaster! I have been using a broken 4-slot toaster for quite a while. And then my wonderful daughter-in-love got me a new one for Christmas! It is beautiful and I love that all of the slots actually work! 🙂 I had to include it in my Littles. 🙂 So happy you have ordered a Lamy pen. I am sure you will fall in love with it. Mine is a consistently faithful, smooth writing pen. The most I ever have to do besides refill it, is remove the nib, which easily slides off, and rinse it under running water. Then I just slide it back on again. It is lovely that you are staying in touch with your thoughts by writing a little each day. If it does for you what my Littles do, it will keep your creative flow going and make you feel productive even when life is too busy to allow for more. It is such good therapy. Best of luck!

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  4. What a precious idea – to do little works of art as diary entries! My eyes were drawn to the yellow cup, but the overall impact is so gentle and domestic and happy…it’s the ‘little’ things that bring the biggest joy 🙂

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  5. Yes, TeaShell, I agree. Our lives are sprinkled with so many little blessings. It is a good thing to find a way to collect them to enjoy always. Thank you for visiting and for your kind comment.

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  6. Oh, the toaster was a present! 🙂 Very thoughtful, that´s great… 😉 Yep, Lamy pen is due tomorrow, but the ink, as it is shipped from the US, will take until mid-February they said… I´ll try some other in the meantime… 😉 Best of luck to you – happy sketching… I´m eager to see your new littles or other things…


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