New Teddy Bear Notecard

This notecard was made from my watercolor sketch of the teddy bears a friend makes by hand. Each one is unique with it’s own personality. They sit on shelves and on windowsills around her house.

Some of my watercolor sketches are made into 3.5″x 5″ notecards, which is the smallest mailable size. The cards are blank inside and come with an envelope. I have begun a new page to my blog titled Notecards, you can find the link in the menu. I will be adding new notecard images as they are ready.


9 thoughts on “New Teddy Bear Notecard

  1. Beautiful. In my previous life when I had very stressful jobs, I found myself cross stitching while listening to cable news (my job required it) in the evenings and weekends, for hours. I needed to keep my hands busy since I only needed to just listen to the TV. It was also a great way to destress in a very stressful life. One of the ones I did was of a old fashioned looking teddy bear which hangs in one of our hall ways now. This beautiful note card reminded me of the bear and that time. When I first saw it I thought it would make a great cross stitch and then noticed you have a page on “Embroidery Patterns,” which I didn’t see before, me bad. Thank you again for bringing a soothing art work into my day!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story Sandy. I admire you for being able to listen to the news every evening! How stressful that must have been. I could not do it. I have just added the embroidery pattern and notecard pages. I am doing a little updating to make it easier to find specific things. Thank you for your kind comments. 🙂

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