Littles for the Beginning of January and a Horse Sculpture

J is for January. To add a bit of something different to my daily Littles sketches, I am going to make an illuminated letter for each month. This month it is a J, which was the perfect shape to turn into a skinny house. Of course, there also had to be snow. The rest of the Littles represent something I would like to remember from that day. I have not followed a calendar format this time, which will allow me to use more than one square when I want to draw something larger, such as the illuminated letters.

My Koi travel palette, which I use only in my studio

Some of the colors in my studio palette are beginning to show the bottom of the pan and will need to be switched out soon. It is interesting to see which colors I use the most: Daniel Smith Aureolin, Old Holland Raw Sienna, Old Holland Warm Sepia, Winsor Newton Naples Yellow, Daniel Smith Quinacradone Burnt Scarlet, Daniel Smith Quinacradone Burnt Orange, Daniel Smith Cobalt Blue, Winsor Newton French Ultramarine, and Daniel Smith Indigo.

The pans I am using are translucent. I don’t remember where I got them, but I will be switching them out for the regular white pans as they become empty. There is a white pan sitting on the edge of the palette for comparison. A lot of the pigments have reacted to the translucent pans by pulling away and curling up. They still activate well, but they do not look comfortable, which makes me feel uncomfortable. 😦

One week ago I drove with a friend back to the Plastic Surgery Clinic at the University of Washington in Seattle. One of the sling stitches that had been placed in my upper lip had not healed closed at the end and had to be removed. This interesting horse sculpture is in the hallway just outside the surgery clinic. I admire it every time I visit, but this time I took a picture so I could sketch it later. I am thankful to have made the trip to Seattle last week instead of this. We now have a blanket of snow on the ground and it is good to stay at home and sketch.

Remember to stay creative!


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