Looking Back in Color

It has almost been 3 weeks since my surgery and I have had my post-op visit with the surgeon. He is pleased with the progress of my healing and even though it will take a while for the swelling to completely go away, my lip is looking more symmetrical.

After a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, I focused on filling the last few pages in my journal with sketches, then going back through the sketchbook and adding color to some sketches. Somehow, I seem to manage to get the ink sketches finished and then am on to the next sketch before I have time to add color. But I am having a great time adding it now, especially since I am beginning to feel color deprived as the Fall colors are gone outside.



When I can see that the upcoming month is going to be too busy to do my normal sketching, I divide a spread in my journal into a grid and attempt to make one mini sketch most days. It helps keep the flow going in between normal sketches. It was so fun coloring in these mini sketches for July.


I am adding color to more sketches from my 2018 journal. Stay tuned for updates.

Stay creative!

26 thoughts on “Looking Back in Color

  1. The mini sketches are wonderful! Super idea! I am thinking about how to transfer this to writing – a mini poem per day, perhaps? Just one sentence? Because I feel the same – I won´t be able to write in the upcoming season… but maybe that´s not quite true… thank you, Fay!
    And I wish you a good, speedy recovery!! Thanks for your information on this! 🙂 Lots of Love to you!


  2. This is too lovely for words. From the stroked out bits I gather it’s not only your bodily health that has taken a hit, so I wish you well for your body AND your soul. Your drawings remind me so much of Edith Holden’s art and this is a huge compliment – but I’m quite sure I’ve told you so before. All the very best to you – I’m glad that the colouring is returning some of the now missing autumn colours to your life and joy.

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  3. Carola! I am so happy you stopped by. Absolutely, I am sure you could transfer this idea to writing! Perhaps a mini journal of folded paper that goes with you in your pocket. You could stop what you were doing for just a moment and write down one thought, observation or description. Later you could use them to jog your memory for some other writing. Have a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas!

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  4. Thank you Kiki. You always bring the gift of joy with you. I appreciate your kind and generous words, and am so glad my work stirs something in you. Please have a wonderful holiday season and merry Christmas!

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  5. Hi Fay, so glad to know that you’re healing well and there’s good progress of your lip! Enjoying your sketches. They’re so delightful! That’s a wonderful tip on how to fill a sketchbook on super busy days. I should try that,


  6. Yes! For sure, give it a try floraltanword. It is fun and makes a way to just make a quick sketch to remind you of something good about the day. Thank you for your kindness. Merry Christmas.


  7. Guess what, Fay! 🙂 I instantly went to our beautiful book shop and bought a cute little notebook of which I made sure that it goes into the back pocket of my trousers… and already on my way back, regarding the evening sky, I put down my first sentence! Thanks a thousand times for the inspiration, dear Fay! And I also wish you a wonderful holiday season and a speedy recovery! Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🙂 🙂


  8. Can you talk to me about your lovely handwriting? You keep the lines so straight. Do you pencil in lines before you begin? I always end up crooked when I print. and do you use your Lamy Pen for the printing?


  9. Ginny, I do not usually pencil in a line. Sometimes if I am not sure what I want to write will fit in the space I will lightly write the words with a watercolor pencil and then ink over. But I never end up following exactly what I put down with the wc pencil. 🙂 I just try to print simply and then go back over the word and add the serifs, which also helps even out the edges. And, yes, I do use my Lamy for writing. 🙂


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