Lavender and Virginia Creeper

Yesterday a friend and I gathered some Virginia Creeper vines that were growing wild, and then wound them into small wreaths. Today I began harvesting my lavender patch that grows along the East end of my house. I have harvested three of the bushes and there are six left to go. I plan to make lavender wreaths using the Virginia Creeper wreaths as a base, but think there will be lots more lavender than what I can use on these vine wreathes. What a beautiful and sweet-smelling problem to have!



Update:  I just spent a couple of hours sitting in the shade making one of the lavender wreaths. It took the harvest from about one bush to make wreath and it was one of the smallest. Maybe I won’t have left over lavender after all!



6 thoughts on “Lavender and Virginia Creeper

  1. I love those so much – and I know it takes an awful lot of lavender blooms to make them into a wreath!
    I have a shop bought artificial lavender wreath over my front door – and i change them frequenty, just so, because I can! But I also own many, many little lavender cushions to put near the pillows, amongst the bed linens etc. And I leave my own lavender outside because then I can stroke it every time I pass by…. 🙂


  2. Oh, Kiki! You are a lavender lover, too! Yes, it did take a lot more than I anticipated to make this little wreath! I have the rest drying in the sun before I make more.


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