More Sketching With My Lamy Safari

I’m still playing with my Lamy Safari EF pen and Noodler’s Brown #41 ink, sketching alla prima. I continue to be surprised at how freeing it is to skip the pencil guidelines and just go for it with ink. My sketchbook seems to have a magnetic force, pulling me back often to do more exploring with my pen, and the fat little sketchbook that I thought I would never finish is filling up fast! I have learned since I made this one that it is much better to have fewer pages. Thinner sketchbooks are easier to work in and they fill up quicker.

I hope to have this sketchbook filled by the end of May, because I have joined the June 2018, 30×30 direct watercolor challenge by Marc Taro Holmes – 30 watercolor paintings in 30 days. I have another sketchbook ready and waiting to start the challenge on June 1, which has this same paper in it, Strathmore Aquarious II, 80 lb. So I am practicing a few washes in this sketchbook as I near the end of the book and the end of May. It is hard to make anything other than flat washes on this paper, which is why I abandoned it before. But combining the washes with ink sketches makes a tolerable and interesting result. It will add another dimension to the challenge, for sure.

Here are some of my ink explorations from this week. It is obvious that gardening is going on at my house.




Thank you for visiting. Happy sketching!

Update: I was requested to show the quote that is written on the pear sketch page, so here it is. Blessings Julia.



17 thoughts on “More Sketching With My Lamy Safari

  1. You are so talented… I Can imagine seeing your pictures used as illustrations in a published book. Appuis you show us the whole page that is opposite the pears please? I’d love to read the whole of the quote there

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  2. As a pear lover (especially Boscs) I tremendously enjoyed all of your sketches. Will you keep us all informed with your 30days programme?! Please do – it’s something to greatly look forward to!

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