Last Minute Inspiration

Not long before Christmas I made a small 5×7 watercolor block from a sheet of  my new Stonehenge Aqua paper so that I could use it to do small paintings and sketches outside my sketchbook. The new watercolor block inspired me to do some sketches for the children as Christmas gifts, even though there were only a few days left before the holidays. Of course, I knew I should have begun such a project much sooner, but what can you do when inspiration strikes? I worked much faster than I am used to, and barely got them all finished in time to make quick scans before wrapping and packing them for our trip!

This sketch of my granddaughter had been done earlier and I just had to add the writing.


This is a sketch of my grandson, who has just started walking and exploring everything.


This sketch was for my younger son’s girlfriend. It is a peaceful memory from last summer of sitting around a beautiful campfire pit, which she designed, and enjoying the moon shining on the lake.


The last sketch shows a map of the Southwest corner of Iceland, recently visited by my younger son, and the rental vehicle which he enjoyed driving.


I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are inspired to stay creative in the New Year!


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