Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress 300 lb – Love it!

I think my quest of finding a paper that is a dream to draw on as well as handling watercolor washes is finally coming true! The test drawing on the Stonehenge Aqua coldpress 300 lb sample was truly a pleasure. I did a preliminary pencil drawing, which included erasing, then used my Platinum Preppy fine point with Noodler’s Brown #41 ink for the drawing. The ink dried quickly with no feathering. The pen did not drag or catch on fibers, the paper texture was smooth enough for the lines to remain accurate. When I applied watercolor washes, I was impressed with how easy they were to blend and grade. And adding darks posed no problem. And colors remained vibrant.

Since drawing has always been my first love, with watercolor being a very close second love, I was very pleased at the ease of drawing on this paper. Usually, if a watercolor paper works well with washes, drawing on it is less that satisfactory for me. Happily, even though this sample was 300 lb paper, which usually has a slightly softer surface sizing than the 140 lb., both drawing and adding watercolor washes were a pleasure. The lines drawn on the face, which was the most important for the successful outcome of this drawing, were clean and accurate.


Washes blended and graded and were controlled easily.


I am looking forward with anticipation to testing the Stonehenge Aqua coldpress 140 lb. watercolor paper. If it performs as well as the 300 lb paper did, I will soon be making a new journal using Stonehenge Aqua coldpress, 140 lb watercolor paper!



2 thoughts on “Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress 300 lb – Love it!

  1. Thank you for this information! I also prefer drawing, but like to add watercolor washes to some of my sketches. Many papers suitable to watercolors simply are not so great for drawing, either with pencil or pen and ink. I hope that I can find this particular paper soon!


  2. Yes! Good luck. I get mine from Blick Art Materials. Fabriano Artistico, soft press, 140 lb paper is also good for drawing as well as watercolors. I have a couple of previous sketchbooks made from that paper. Some have said that the Fabriano paper has changed since I got mine and I have not purchased any lately. I was happy to discover the Stonehenge Aqua coldpress paper worked well for drawing. Also, it is not quite as expensive as Fabriano or Arches. So that is a bonus. Happy sketching!

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