Major Accomplishments Sometimes Look Small

Between the time I painted this sweet little mug of violets and actually printed it out in the form of notecards today, a long line of hurdles had to be overcome. First, my computer quit functioning and was taken to the computer shop where the technicians were able to back up the data from the hard drive, though the computer was not salvageable. Strangely, I found later that the backup for my files also included the backup files for someone else. Not good! But I was just thankful to find mine were all there and not away in someone else’s backup. 

The second hurdle was ordering a new computer, which turned out to be beautiful, but of course it is newer than my old computer and the periferals that had worked well with it. My beloved Wacom drawing tablet is now packaged up and ready to sell on eBay. I found that it is possible, but awkward, to use a stylus on the trackpad of the new computer. It will do in a pinch for now. Also, the beautiful new computer will not run my old version of Adobe Photoshop, which I used for EVERYTHING……. for years! This was a major issue because all my old work is saved either as PSD files with many layers, or as JPG files. I had to find another photo editing program that would work with PSD files and read the layers. (I was not inclined to invest in a new Adobe product, even though I love Photoshop). I finally went with Acorn 6, which seems to be working fine and has no problem opening and working with layers in my PSD files. (At least the ones I have checked so far). It is user friendly and I can do altering and composing with it just as I did with Photoshop. It takes a bit of searching and using the  “Help” feature to find what I need to use and in structions on how to use it. So that makes progress slow. New drivers for printers had to be downloaded and a lot of other techie things that were too complicated for me to figure out. I am thankful I had great help from several people.

Then! Just when I thought I was on the home stretch, the hard drive that contained all the newly backed up files decided to quit. This was hitting bottom. If all my files were gone, I would basically be shut down. They included scans of all my sketches, drawings and paintings, files for notecards and patterns and other creative projects. Everything I needed to function was on that drive and it could not be reproduced! (Insert tears at this point). In desperation, I checked another older hard drive to see what was on there. I expected to find much older versions of some of my files, but found that at some point I had copied all the new files over to it also. (Insert dancing for joy here). I must have copied them over, just in case, after I made the latest files and then blocked it out of my mind. 

So, today I searched for the scan of the little violet painting, cleaned it up using Acorn 6 and printed out the first note cards. They look pretty small, sitting on the edge of the cabinet, but the fact that they are there is a huge accomplishment. I am very happy and grateful to be on track again. There will still be more adjustments as far as the computer and pereferals. Another hard drive will be here soon to copy all my files onto, (I will ALWAYS keep at least two backups of everything from now on) and I am still in the learning curve for new programs. But it feels great to be back at work. And I am highly endebted to all the good help that got me here. 


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