A Study and a Test

Have you ever studied violets? They are quite complex and whimsical little flowers. In my journal containing Fabriano Artistico, 140 lb watercolor paper, I made some little studies of violet blossoms and found it quite tricky to get the right amount of petals pointing up vs pointing down. And the purple found in nature is not an easy color to duplicate using pigments. And it is so tempting to want to add a happy little face on these flowers. But it was a fun exercise.


The idea I had in mind when doing the violet studies was to paint a picture of violets in a tea cup.  Now that I have some new Saunders Waterford 90 lb watercolor paper for making pocket journals, I thought I would test it out on a little painting as well.

I soon realized that doing a painting that requires more modeling and control was a challenge on the Saunders paper. In my previous post, I did sketches and light washes on the same paper in my pocket journal with no issues. This little painting had less ink drawing and needed more  definition using the watercolor. It was almost, but not quite, like using hot pressed paper. Washes could be controlled to a degree, but wanted to spread over the surface more than stay in place. And it was hard to get a soft edge to a wash. The result was a softer painting than my watercolors normally have. I like the look. I will have to do more testing of this new paper to see whether it becomes one I regularly use.


Are you going to participate in World Watercolor Month in July? I am thinking about it, and thinking small! That is the only way I could possibly do a watercolor every day. I will gather my supplies and see what happens.

Happy sketching!


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