A Different Kind of Journal

I have been hankering for a different kind of journal for quite a while. I wanted something that would work for ink and wash, so the paper needed to be thick enough but not so thick that I couldn’t feel free to risk making mistakes or just to write down thoughts, and it needed to have enough sizing to keep the ink and pigments from soaking in and getting lost and dull. I wanted a cover that had a little bit of stiffness to it but was closer to a soft cover than a bulky hard cover. I wanted the journal to be small enough to fit in my hand nicely or slip into a bag, and light enough to carry around to keep it convenient. A journal that could be whipped out spontaneously to make a quick sketch without causing a distraction. I wanted a journal that would feel like a comfortable extension of me. I know, that is asking a lot of a journal.

When my computer crashed about a week ago and I no longer had the ability to produce patterns, I decided to take the opportunity to experiment with creating a journal that fit my hankering. What I came up with was a journal that I think I am going to grow into very easily and just may fill most of my hankerings. To make the journals, I tore down 90 lb Fabriano and Saunders Waterford watercolor papers to make deckled edges on the pages and put together the blocks using the kettle stitch, which allows the pages to lay flat when the book is opened. The spines were glued and reinforced with paper and gauze for durability. To keep the binding light and flexible, I upcycled cardboard from cereal boxes for end boards (I ended up reading a lot about Cheerios in the process) and glued a single layer of faux leather over the outside without folding the fabric to the inside. Then I covered the inside of the cover with decorative paper.

I love the way these journals feel in my hand. The faux leather is soft to hold, the covers are stiff enough to allow the pages to lie flat, but still have some flex. The journal is light and small enough to tuck in a bag easily. I made two sizes: 5 1/2″x 4 3/4″ and 5 1/2″x 5″. There are 28 sheets (56 usable pages) in the smaller size and 24 sheets (48 usable pages) in the larger size.

I now own a brand new computer and am gearing back up to fill some back orders, but the new journals are calling to me, and I will go play with them as often as I can.

This may interest you. If this kind of journal sounds like it fits your hankerings, too, message me on my Facebook page, Made by Fay. I made more journals than I can use for now and would be willing to sell some. There is a limited supply, so once they are gone, they are gone.


Stay creative!



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