Do You Believe in Spring?

Even though I know Spring must come eventually, this has been an incredibly long snowy winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Today, the second week into March, the valley where I live is experiencing yet another snow storm. Last year at this time there were Daffodils coming up along the front walk. Thankfully, the snow pack has melted down to about a foot of coverage around our house, and I am hoping this will not be a heavy snow or last very long. I have a hard time with even normal Winters, so I am doubly looking forward to Spring this year!

This is the picture I took from my front porch when I let Tasha out for a break. At least the ice has melted off the driveway and the road going by the house. Pruning has been going on in the pear orchards for a while, but everything has come to a stop today, waiting for the snow to quit.

Meanwhile, inside my warm studio, the large sample for my upcoming pattern, Birds In My Garden, is in the final stages of completion. Thank you for all your help in getting this sample stitched, RT!  I am using 3 strands of Cosmo Seasons variegated embroidery floss #9012 to make borders around the pattern sections using the Coral Stitch. See a demonstration by Mary Corbet doing the stitch here. This stitch gives the borders a nice organic “viney” feel which goes well with the garden theme.

Birds In My Garden should be completed soon and available for order. You will still have time to finish yours by Summer.

Happy Stitching!

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