One Special Word

You may be familiar with the practice of choosing one special word to be your inspiration for the year. Debbie Macomber, in her book, “One Perfect Word,” explains that words are powerful tools that can either shape or destroy our very souls, depending on how they are used. Choosing one word to guide you through the year has become one of my favorite traditions. I made this little watercolor illustration for a friend who also finds it helpful to choose a special word. Her word for the year is Faith. The little bird in the illustration represents the idea of faith by waiting quietly on it’s nest for her eggs to hatch.

As I explored ideas for this design I made several thumbnail sketches. I liked this composition with the whimsical teacup and the nest including leafy branches. From the sketch I made a light drawing with gray watercolor pencil on Strathmore Aquarius 80 lb watercolor paper. Then I lightly inked the drawing using an 005 Prismacolor sepia fine liner pen.


I added a few light watercolor washes to start building shape and form.


Final detail washes were added with watercolor and ink.


I am pleased with how this little 4″x 4″ illustration turned out. Now my friend will have a visual reminder for her special word for the year.


Do you choose a special word for the year? I do, but this year I seem to be having a hard time settling on just one. I would be interested in hearing about your word.

Stay creative!

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