January Journal, Week 2

Even though I am faithfully journaling from my life story, there is so much that happens that doesn’t make it into my journal. I live a pretty quiet life, but there is a lot more journaling material than I thought there would be when I started this project. Living the story must be balanced with journaling the story. Somehow, being mindful of the story of my life makes everything more interesting to me, and I can’t wait to add new items to my journal.

I love working on the soft press Fabriano watercolor paper because it is easy to do pen work, and still accomplish watercolor techniques. It is heavy paper, 140 lb, which makes painting very enjoyable. And the sizing makes fountain pen drawing very fluid. However, I skipped a step when constructing the binding that has proved to be very important. I should have glued a mesh cloth over the spine, which extends a few inches and helps attach the block of pages to the cover. The important part is that it would help keep the signatures from separating at the spine. After working in my sketchbook for a few days, the spine started to separate between signatures. Live and learn. Every step in the binding process is important. Handled carefully, this little journal should last through the end of the month. My next journal will include a mesh cloth securely glued onto the spine.


Stay creative!

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