January Journaling So Far

I am happy to report that I am actually making progress in my January Journal. It amazes me how much difference it has made to add the story of what is happening, rather than just trying to find enough things to sketch to fill a journal. I have always loved stories, I guess adding that element was the missing piece for me. And it encourages me to stay more aware of what is going on in my life.

I make no plans as to page layout or technique ahead of time. I just focus on capturing and illustrating the story as it happens. I’m making an effort to keep this all about play instead of “rules,” so sometimes inspirational thoughts may become part of an illustration of a recipe. That’s ok.


One of the things I have noticed is how becoming absorbed in the process of journaling, sketching, coloring has a calming effect on my mind. I am definitely enjoying this project and am motivated to keep going. I highly recommend it.

Stay creative!