Ferns in the Rain and Applesauce

It has been raining pretty steadily since I came to be granny-nanny at my son and daughter-in-law’s home in Montana. But last Thursday there was a break in the rain that coincided with a pause in my granny-nanny duties. I took the opportunity to walk down the road a little ways. The ferns were glowing amber under the trees and all covered with rain drops. I took a quick picture then continued on my walk. Before I returned home I stopped to watch several deer who stood and gazed back at me. They were not afraid. I didn’t get a picture of the deer, but did take one of the beautiful ferns. I used it for reference to make this sketch. 
I am pleased with how well my portable studio “table” worked. Everything is either clipped or tacked to it with putty, which made it easy to use even sitting cross legged on my bed in the loft. 

Another project I have been working in between nanny duties is making applesauce. It is very satisfying to hear that “plink” as the lids seal.

You can see I am staying busy here. I hope you are staying creative whatever situation you are in.


6 thoughts on “Ferns in the Rain and Applesauce

  1. Thanks so much for visiting, Tonya. I have been enjoying your blog and Facebook page, and love your sketches as well. I believe I got the full pans from Cheap Joe’s. Not for sure. I was actually surprised to find they were clear when they arrived. It was not apparent from the picture. If I were home I could tell you for sure.


  2. Nice blog and image. Love the pencil on top of watercolor! (Send applesauce!) Suggestion — I went to see your etsy page and the image you were selling was sold. Two things I will suggest for you: One, on a downloadable sale, go into variables and make it so the digitized versions are instantly renewed so people can always find you (and buy from you) — so put 100 (we should all be so happy to sell our digitized versions!) and two, find a place to put the name of your etsy shop on the opening page and/or the about page so people can find you!


  3. Thanks so much Katie for taking the time to visit and comment. I apologize for the links to Etsy on my Pinterest account. I actually closed my Etsy shop and have not decided on a new venue for selling. I had to leave town before getting the links on Etsy changed to my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed the sketch. I enjoy seeing your work as well. If you have any good ideas for online sales options, please feel free to offer suggestions. Thanks again!


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