My Studio to Go


This tiny vintage Samsonite suitcase has become my studio to go. The divider in the center makes it possible to have separate storage space for my journaling supplies and for my embroidery pattern design supplies.



In the journaling supplies side I have two watercolor palettes: a Koi field sketch box, which has been re-filled with tube artist quality watercolors, and a Winsor and Newton travel palette, which has also been re-filled with artist quality watercolors. There is also a Winsor and Newton Designer Gouache pan set. A couple of water containers I made by cutting down Crystal Light containers. When the small W&N watercolor palette is closed, the containers fit over each end perfectly for storing. In the green zipper pencil bag is a supply of Micron pens, a couple of fountain pens, mechanical pencil, white Gel pen and some traveling watercolor brushes. Beside that there is a larger set of traveling brushes as well as 1/2″ and 3/4″ flats. On the left are a zipper case and a pouch which are filled with my Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils.  I love these pencils and couldn’t leave any home. There is a small sketchbook containing 80 lb Strathmore Aquarius II wc paper, and a couple of watercolor blocks of Arches 140 lb wc paper, all made by me.


In the pocket on the divider are a couple spare pencils, a 6″ ruler, a small tube of white gouache, a color card for the Albrecht Durer pencils in the zipper case and a tube of silicone grease, in case my fountain pens need re-sealing after traveling.


There are quite a lot of supplies in just this side of my portable studio. I am also thinking of taking along a larger sketchbook, but it will not fit here, so will have to go in another piece of luggage.

On the other side of my little studio suitcase are the samples for my new embroidery design, Birds In My Garden. A few sections have already been finished and the rest of the 20 pieces are traced and ready to stitch. These will come in handy in the evenings as we relax.


This compact little studio is pretty complete and will allow me to continue working while  on my granny-nanny trip. A clipboard will allow me to work wherever I can find a place to sit, maybe even on my bed. Clips and adhesive putty hold everything solidly in place.


I’m looking forward to enjoying this time with family, loving the new little one that is joining us, and also continuing to be creative. Stay tuned for posts from the trip.

Stay creative. It is good therapy!




4 thoughts on “My Studio to Go

  1. This is such a clever set-up — thanks for sharing in such a detail. I am so going to adopt some of this. P.S. Really enjoying reading your blog backwards!


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