Granny-Nanny Luggage

It makes sense to me that a granny-nanny could pack her gear in vintage luggage. Mary Poppins showed up for her nanny job with her magic umbrella. I will come with vintage luggage.  This stack of vintage suitcases stores samples of my embroidery pattern designs and other related items. But I am planning on using at least one of them as my studio away from home on my upcoming trip. Since I am not flying, the weight won’t be an issue and there will be advantages to having a structured case to store larger things like a drawing board and OttLites, and other items that will not fit in my smaller art supply case, which is also a very tiny vintage suitcase. (More on that later). In between studio supplies in this large case I will pack some necessary clothing. This sketch was done using my Platinum Preppy pen o2 and the lettering was done using the Platinum Petit1 pen. Both are filled with carbon ink. For the color I tried using watercolor pencils alone. I layered colors and put in shadows where I wanted them all before I touched anything with water. Then I went over everything with one pass, trying not to disturb places that I had already gone over with a wet brush. I think this technique worked for depicting the smooth surfaces of the luggage.

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