Alla Prima Sketching

In spite of loud and persistent protests from my perfectionist side, and my addiction to my pencil, I have decided to break through an emotional boundary and attempt “Alla Prima Sketching” with pen. For me that means maybe a couple of light measuring lines using graphite, then diving right into a contour drawing with my Micron pen. There are wobbly spots where there shouldn’t be and things are not in correct proportion and my perfectionist side screams, “Fix it!” But I completed the drawing, ignoring the screaming perfectionist, using only my Micron pen, then I added a little watercolor. Later I added notes such as weather, temperature, sunrise and sunset, moon phase,  and the sounds I was hearing, to help me remember the experience. Since I was branching out anyway, I decided to attempt a little fake calligraphy and some handwritten text. I must say the process was very mind expanding, therapeutic and meaningful. Funny how I really like the free style sketches of other artists, but have such a hard time letting go and sketching without a pre-drawing myself. I hope to continue doing these little “Alla Prima Sketches” often.

Keep creating. The therapy is in the process.



6 thoughts on “Alla Prima Sketching

  1. I think that wobbly lines and “imperfections” make paintings seem much more personal. Very nice job, and kudos for taking a leap with the micron. I haven’t been that brave yet 🙂


  2. Thank you Carol. I always think the same thing about other people’s sketches. 🙂 But it sure took an act of courage for me to try the same thing myself. Silly, I know. But now I think I’m over the hump and can continue this adventure. Going to try my fountain pen next. Thanks for stopping by! Stay creative!

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  3. Fay, I love your drawing, but what I love even more is your vulnerability in sharing your experience. (Plus, “Hope” is my word 😉 ). Thank you!


  4. 2nd attempt to leave a comment (in case it posts twice)…It’s always interesting to me how easily we see the imperfections, warts, wobbles and blemishes and yet no one else recognizes them as such. I see a lovely sketch, maybe done on a long summer afternoon. No wobbles, No blemishes. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Congrats on the leap of faith!


  5. Thank you Laure. I appreciate your positive feedback. Yes, it is easy for me to see my own imperfections while completely enjoying other people’s sketches, which seem full of life. This is a fun new adventure. Thanks for stopping by.


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