Progress on Birds In My Garden

Two more sections of my Birds In My Garden design are completed as samples. One has swallows flying over a birdhouse and one is a potted topiary plant.

I was searching for a border stitch that would have a natural look to fit with the garden theme and discovered the Coral Stitch, which is shown on DMC’s Embroidery Stitch Guide. I like to keep the stitches in my designs easy to do, and this one fits right in. I believe it does have an earthy look and adds texture to the design.


The grapes are made using Colonial Knots, another easy stitch that is also demonstrated on DMC’s Embroidery Stitch Guide.


This design looks complicated, but is only made using Lazy Daisy stitches and Colonial Knots in the plant and Backstitches in the pot.


Tracing tip: Use a very fine pen for tracing. And instead of using a solid line to trace the lazy daisy stitches onto fabric, use dotted lines. That way when the stitch doesn’t quite lay on top of the tracing, only a few dots will be visible. To eliminate confusion between the dotted lines and the dots for the Colonial Knots, I simply didn’t trace the dots for the knots. It is easy enough after the Lazy Daisies have been stitched to add the Colonial Knots by looking at the original pattern.


The variegated threads in these samples are Cosmo Seasons floss, #5011 for the foliage in the topiary plant and #9021 for the borders.


Seventeen more sections to stitch! This would make a great block of the month!

Happy stitching!

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