Pilot Preppy 02 and Petit1 Fountain Pen conversion

I have been using a Pilot Preppy 02 fountain pen for sketching, switching out the ink cartridge that comes with the pen for one with Platinum Carbon ink. The Platinum Carbon ink works great if you want to do watercolor or other washes over your ink drawing. Since it is permanent when dried, it will not lift when watercolor washes are applied. I had just about used up a cartridge of Platinum Carbon ink when I saw an advertisement for the new Petit1 mini fountain pen for sale on JetPens.com. How could I resist such a cute, compact little pen, when I already liked the larger sized fountain pen? The tiny pen would be perfect for tucking in a purse pocket. I ordered the Petit1 pen and a bottle of Platinum Carbon ink so I could convert both my pens to hold more ink without the need for cartridges.

After watching some tutorials on YouTube to learn the process and what supplies I would need, I went in search of silicone grease and small O-rings. Our local home improvement stores did not carry the small tubes of silicone grease. The conversion would only take a touch of grease to coat the threads, so the tiny tubes should last through many refills. Today I picked up the silicone grease and O rings at the store after ordering them in with free shipping.

Here are some pictures of the process I used to convert my pens to hold ink. If you are thinking of doing this, go for it! It is really easy, once you find the correct materials.

Here you can see the the supplies I used: a bottle of carbon ink and a dropper, the silicone grease tube (very small), 1/2″ O rings and both pens to be converted.

There is a slight difference between how the two pens are designed, besides the difference in size. The Preppy 02 has a small lip at the base of the threads where the handle screws onto the tip section. This will support an O ring as an extra seal to insure against ink leaking out through the crack between handle and the tip section.  The Petit1 design, however, does not include this little lip. The handle section is it’s own stop for the lid to fit against. In a previous attempt to fill the Petit1 pen handle with ink, before I got the silicone grease, the ink siphoned through the threads and out around the handle edge when the lid was placed on the pen. The lid must have caused enough suction to cause the ink to siphon out. I was hopeful that the silicone grease would eliminate that problem in this attempt, as the demonstration videos I had watched showed no leakage problems.

Here is the O-ring placed at the base of the threads on the Preppy 02 pen, a thin coat of silicone grease applied to the threads and the handle filled with Platinum Carbon ink and screwed gently but firmly onto the tip section.

Now for the Petit1 mini fountain pen. There is no lip to hold an O-ring on this model, so I will be relying on the sealing power of just the silicone grease.

Now I fill the handle with Platinum Carbon Ink to two-thirds full, at least, and screw it gently but firmly into place. It seems to make a good seal.

The last step is to siphon the ink down into the tip.

The  Preppy 02 has a fine tip and the Petit1 mini,  even though it says fine tip, draws a line closer to the size of my Preppy 03. So they make a good pair. I am excited to have them converted so I can take them with me on an adventure this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Pilot Preppy 02 and Petit1 Fountain Pen conversion

  1. I plan to convert my Petit 1 as soon as the cartridge that came with it is used up. I had been wondering about the need of an O-ring, which is already on my Platinum Preppy eyedropper that came free with a bottle of ink from Goulet Pens. (They are where I found silicone grease and O-rings).
    Thanks for walking us through your conversions — sounds much easier than I imagined.


  2. Hello Vicki, Thanks for stopping by. I am happy to report that I am on a weekend get-away and have brought both pens with me. So far, no ink leaks from the Preppy 02, which has the O-ring or the Petit1, which does not. It appears that the silicone grease makes a good seal. I’m happy about that. Happy sketching!


  3. This is interesting, thank you for sharing! I normally just refill the suitable cartridge with whatever ink i want. I use a seringe to put the ink in the used empty cartridge. It definately does not hold as much ink as filling the handle as you did, but it is extremelly easy without any additional parts. I will have to try your conversion though 🙂


  4. Thank you for visiting Yvonne. This method does hold a LOT of ink. I do not use this pen as often as I did, so it still has some of that ink in it. The only thing you need to be careful about this method is when traveling. With the change in air pressure there can be some leakage. It might be good to put the pen in a zip sandwich bag while traveling, just in case. Good luck!


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