While Waiting for UPS Delivery

Yesterday I was planning to meet with a group of creative ladies from our community who get together on a weekly basis to enjoy each other’s company while working on projects, but I received a notification from UPS of a package delivery that required my signature. So there was nothing to do but stay and wait for delivery. Not knowing exactly when the package might arrive, I had my creative projects packed and ready to head out the door to join the group, in case there was still time in the afternoon. I decided to fill the waiting time by designing new promotional cards for my hand embroidery designs. I love the simplicity of the tri-fold design and it will be easy to switch out the image on the front flap to feature new patterns. There is just something about paper that beguiles me! And the bonus was I finally got to use my new corner rounders!

These two designs feature my most recent pattern, Assorted Teas, available as an instant download in my Etsy  shop, and a NEW sheep bunting pattern, which is almost finished and will also be available through Etsy.




UPS delivery finally showed up late in the afternoon, and no signature was required. I could have joined the group. But then I would not have made these fun new cards.

Stay creative! It is the best therapy!

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