Vermilion River Journal Page

Continuing work on my 2015 trip watercolor journal. This spread shows my memories from a trip to see our children and grand baby in Montana. We had a lovely, relaxing weekend at their home and enjoyed a drive along the Vermilion River. How refreshing!


The Vermilion River is really more the size of a creek. It is lively, fresh and cold.


Even the butterflies know little Louisa is sweet! A tiny blue one loved nibbling on her toes.


I love the way the colors blend together on the palette by the time I am finished adding color to my page. The pigments used in this spread include Prussian Green, Olive Green, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Payne’s Gray, Cobalt Blue and Potter’s Pink. Finishing touches were added using Albrecht Durer Faber-Castell watercolor pencils.

I’m loving this! Stay creative! It is the best therapy!


6 thoughts on “Vermilion River Journal Page

  1. Thank you Missyjean. I say it because I have found it to be so true for me! I can’t recommend anything better for healing and creating a positive focus than grass roots creativity. I love to encourage it wherever I can! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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  2. Fay love your WC page I’m a beginner teaching myself and could watch you paint all day:) love your tree foliage and brush work
    Thank you


  3. Ah. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving feedback. Beginning is good! Most don’t start at all! The best thing to do is be obsessed by drawing. Do it all the time, on any kind of paper you find. Building those nerve pathways just takes lots and lots of practice. I always have a pencil and folded sheet of copy paper with me, which is easy to whip out anywhere and doodle. Draw, draw, draw! And enjoy!


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