New Journal and a 20-Minute a Day Challenge

In my last post I talked about catching up on my 2015 sketch journal, making drawing from trips I had taken during the past year. I was so inspired by actually beginning that project that I signed up to join Michael Nobb’s 20-Minutes a Day, challenge for the next couple of weeks. Michael is such a gentle encourager in sustaining your creative momentum in spite of life’s challenges. I love listening to his podcasts. Besides Michael’s gentle voice, I love listening to his accent. He lives in Wales, which happens to be where my grandmother lived as a young girl. So that makes the whole experience a little magical for me.  I will be using my 20 minutes a day to continue working in my 2015 journal.

After beginning my 2015 journal, it dawned on me that 2016 is well underway! Luckily I haven’t had the chance to do anything out of the ordinary yet this year, which I would really want to include in the journal. Spring is coming fast, though. So over the past couple of days I constructed a new journal for this year. In this journal I used the same Fabriano Artistico, 140lb,soft pressed watercolor paper I used in the 2015 journal, which can be purchased through Blick art supplies. I have fallen in love with this paper for wc journals, because it has enough texture to manipulate the watercolor, but is smooth enough to take inked lines smoothly, and is sturdy enough to withstand wet washes.

You will notice quite a difference in the size of the two journals. The 2015 journal measures 8.5″x 5″ and the 2016 journal measures 11″x 6″ when closed. The new size utilizes a complete sheet of watercolor paper without leaving any waste. Also, I will be able to get quite a “story” going on one spread in this new journal. I also constructed the new journal more carefully. It will be able to withstand the joggling and bumping around that will happen over the year. Now I am prepared! Let the challenge begin!


Also, inside the front and back covers I included roomy pockets which will hold bits of paper towel, or other random papers that might be handy.


I am ready to set my timer to begin the first 20-minute challenge!


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