Assorted Teas Mug Rugs Pattern – New!

Available NOW as an instant download on my Etsy shop, is my new Assorted Teas mug rug pattern. There are eight different mug rugs, 8.5″x 5.5.” Each one has a different whimsical teacup or mug featuring it’s own unique flavor. The teacups are hand embroidered using rich, earthy colors. And like all my patterns, they use only a few simple stitches – backstitch, lazy daisy, French knots and some running stitches, so they make up quickly. The corner pieces are hand sewn onto the mug rug fabric. I chose rich, homey colors for the corners from my personal stash – probably less than a fat quarter worth. A half yard of plain cotton or muslin should be enough for the mug rugs.


Since I do my embroidery work with a backing of thin baby flannel placed behind the front fabric, there is no need to add batting before placing the backing fabric and finishing with a thin binding, unless you wish.


I give options for using either DMC or Cosmo floss for the embroidery. Most of the embroidery is done using 2 strands of floss, but some of the tiny details, such as the lazy daisy stitches in this White teacup can be done using one strand. It gives the design a more delicate look. If you are not comfortable using one strand, two will work just fine. I do my tracing using a .01 tip Micron pen, which leaves a fine enough line to allow for single strands, if I decide to do that.



Hope to see you soon over at my Etsy shop. Remember, for instant download patterns there is no shipping cost! Yay!

Happy stitching!


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