Always – A Color Page for Valentine’s Day

When I was growing up I remember a very special music box that had been given to my mother by my father. The song it played was, Always, by Irving Berlin. That song beautifully illustrated the enduring love they had for each other. The melody was running through my mind as I drew the illustration for this color page. Some of the words are included in the border around the drawing.

This peep into an enchanted land where anything is possible and love is new and innocent is available as a printable pdf file on my Etsy shop. Printing suggestions are included in the pdf.


Laser printing works well because the ink does not smudge. However, if you have access to an inkjet printer that uses waterproof ink, that works as well. I have an Epson printer that uses Clarion ink, which is waterproof. I printed test sheets on card stock as well as regular 20 lb printer paper. I tried watercolor pencils and a water brush on the card stock, which worked great. No smudging of the ink. And on the 20 lb printer paper I used colored pencils. Also a good fit. I would suggest the card stock, or maybe another favorite thicker paper of yours, for using any wet medium, including markers. Remember, if you do not own a laser printer, or have a friend who does, any office supply print shop will print your pdf file economically.

I hope you enjoy therapeutic relaxation as you color this whimsical little world. You may wish to listen to a beautiful rendition of Always, sung and played by violinist, Katica Illenyi, as you color.


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