Little Deer Sketch

One of the things I enjoy when we visit our children in Montana is the wildlife that feel comfortable roaming through their yard. I caught a quick picture of this deer in the back yard. He wasn’t too worried about me taking his picture. I decided to do a small sketch of him on a 4″x4″ piece of 90 lb watercolor paper. 

First I did a quick sketch using my 02 Preppy fountain pen holding carbon ink.

Then I added some wet-in-wet washes to represent the grass and dried ferns in the middle and foreground.

Next I added some light washes for the background brush and sky, and more wet-in-wet wash for the bushy pine tree.

Next I filled in the dark trunks and leaves in the forest behind the deer as well as coloring the deer and adding more details to the foreground grass.

This paper is very soft and it is difficult to get the effect I want with just watercolor, so I used watercolor pencils for some of the darker accents. I felt the sketch still needed more definition, so after the paint dried I went back in with the fountain pen to put in the final touches.

As a last touch, I added some white under his tail and on his face with a white Uni-ball Signo pen. It will be nice to have this tiny shetch as a memory of our visit.

Stay creative!


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